The Tyranny of Quailhogs

This is a showcase of Quailhogs' Sims-related stuff. I can assure you that it isn't that interesting.


these were the last two rooms in the tomb

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This is the last world that I will be creating; it takes place in Hell.  Wraith is an exposed fragment of Hell located under what was a nuclear test site in New Mexico.  Very few aspects of this world will make sense and there are a lot of elements that I ripped off from different video games. 

I will stick lots wherever I feel like putting them since there are no land-use laws in Hell… it’s Hell so nobody really gives a shit. Wraith is a good place for me to stick the various horrible Sims from the lore of my other worlds, the ones who either made no appearance or died.  Sir William Huntington will be living with his wife and some slaves in the monastery I half-assed in the last picture. 

I can see people playing this world for perhaps a day or two before it loses novelty, so the world will not be huge.

The final version of Huntsborough is also up.  Click here to download it from the official site.

Since the beta for Huntsborough initiated, I added two new lots.  One is a mansion with an exceptionally vulgar back story, and the other is a resort downhill from the Duffy family.  The resort, Sanguine Harbor, is the first resort that I ever built, so it is likely to not function correctly.  Thus the beta phase should persist longer.

So, I played in Huntsborough today.  And by play, I mean that I took a visit to somebody’s house and set it on fire. Clearly, nobody gave a fuck.  Anyway, the beta version of Huntsborough is uploaded.  Go download it.

This would be another rare occasion where I will actually post some things on my Tumblr.  It’s pretty much just more Hunstborough-related shit.  The usual, such as a table underwater, my Simself peering into the fireplace with a look of horror on his face, and that same painting of Doran Balor that I shared a while ago.

It’s slowly coming along.  I am very stressed out right now and have a perpetual headache, but I will make time for this sick fucked-up place.

Two pictures of the same thing taken at slightly different angles.

It’s supposed to be a bridge.

The Island Paradise Version of Grey Meadow is up, with the major problems fixed.  Click the link, I guess.

The Island Paradise Version of Grey Meadow is up, with the major problems fixed.  Click the link, I guess.

I haven’t been providing you with too many visuals lately, so here is another picture of some hills.  Also, a rather disturbing screenshot of a Stoneshield Isles resident.

I have made a little progress on the landscaping.  The terrain painting looks nice, but the sculpting is ridiculous.  One of the crevices looked a lot like the astrological symbol for Aries, which was initially unintentional (before I fiddled around with it).  From that, I figured that I would embed more of these characters into the outer hills just to keep things interesting… for me, considering how it took about three-hours just to do this much.  Sitting in front of my computer doing something this monotonous really gives me the craving for a nice refreshing glass of paint thinner.